Goss & Crested China Ltd Sales Lists

Goss & Crested China Monthly Sales Lists

Goss & Crested China Ltd are pleased to announce the return of our monthly catalogue/sales list after a short hiatus whilst the business changed ownership. Many people reading this will have bought crested china from Andrew Pine on ebay (my ebay name is andyroo14) within the last few years, whilst others will have contacted us directly asking to be included on our sales lists. Our sales lists will feature a variety of different genres every month so if what you collect isn’t in that month’s edition then the next month there could well be. If anybody receiving this email would prefer not to receive our monthly email sales list then if you reply to this email with DELETE as the subject line I will permanently delete you from our catalogue contact list.

Please do take a few minutes to browse through the latest sales lists. All china is sent out on approval before payment, whether UK based or overseas. Only when you have received and are thoroughly satisfied with your purchase should you make payment. If, after receiving your parcel, there is a piece or pieces that you do not wish to purchase then simply post the piece or pieces back to us. Details of ordering, postage, payment and refunds can be found at the end of this email. All pieces are in excellent condition with no damage unless otherwise mentioned in the item description. The gilding is excellent unless otherwise stated.

Follow the links below to view or download the latest sales list:

View or download Nov 2016 WW1 catalogue:
Nov WW1 catalogue
View or download Dec 2016 WW1 catalogue:
Dec WW1 catalogue
View or download Nov 2016 G&C catalogue:
Nov G&C catalogue

To order please email me: andrew@gosschinaclub.co.uk or ring (+44) 02392 631888 and quote the item numbers of the items you are interested in. All parcels are sent out on approval. Payment should be made after your parcel has arrived. Any piece or pieces which you decide are not suitable for your collection please post back to us.

We operate a flat fee postage rule per parcel, whether one item of china or any number whatsoever, as per the below charge:
UK: £3
Rest Of World: £6

Please make cheques payable to Goss & Crested China Ltd and post to:
Goss & Crested China Ltd
Forestside House
Broad Walk

Bank Transfer (preferred):
Goss & Crested China Ltd

PayPal: apine8080@outlook.com